We make beautiful, accurate and exclusive prayer time clocks

Our prayer time clocks don’t just tell the time. The integrated GPS system automatically finds your location to give you the precise time, your time zone and your location relative to Mecca. So you’ll know exactly when to pray, without having to consult prayer tables, wherever you are.

Using unique Athan audio, digital screens and quality clock components, our clocks are packed full of features.

Our History & Mission

Using our research and experience to bring prayer clocks to life

Our clocks are the result of years of extensive research and experience. We’re proud that we can contribute to bringing a quality and reliable service to potentially billions of Islamic users around the world.


With over 4 centuries of experience, the Swiss are world-renowned for their clock and watchmaking skills. We are based in Montreux, Switzerland, so are perfectly placed to learn and benefit from their traditions, craftsmanship, technology and innovative industry.


The company, IPTEQ, was launched. We are committed Muslims and now have nearly two decade’s experience in Muslim prayer time clocks and Swiss clock making techniques.


We launched our very first 'Belal Prayer Time clocks' for specific mosques.


We launched the Home version of the 'Belal Prayer Time Clocks' known as the HIL model.


We’re excited to be expanding our product range of technologically-advanced
and beautiful clocks. In addition to the original entry level model, we now have
Classic and Modern models plus apps for your mobile phone or tablet.

Quality & Design

Accuracy and looks are important to us

We only use high quality components in our clocks. This, combined with the latest GPS technology, ensures the accuracy of each alarm and reliability of each clock.

We’ve taken our inspiration from the history and culture of Islam to design several clocks, including a simple and traditional compact clock, one inspired by a minaret tower and one reminiscent of an ancient brass astrolabe.