Belal Prayer Time Clocks have been designed to aid Muslims in the practice of their religion. Unique audio and visual features provide accurate information on both prayer times and fasting. This information is accompanied by displays of the daily religious sayings – the Hadiths. An innovative design has resulted in an aesthetically pleasing Prayer Time Clock that offers exceptional performance and which integrates renowned Swiss precision clock movements synchronized by satellite.

Belal, the virtuous companion of the Prophet, was the sixth person to accept Islam and devote himself to Allah’s cause. He became the Prophet’s Muedhdhin making the daily call for prayers known as the Adhan. Belal possessed a clear and resonant voice and was the first Muslim to be accorded the honour of calling believers to prayer.

Each time the call to prayer goes out, the name of Belal will continue to be remembered with the utmost respect. We have chosen the name “Belal” for our Prayer Time Clocks to honour his memory. Belal Prayer Time clocks have been specifically designed for Allah’s house and for the homes of his worshippers worldwide.