HIL 2 Model


From the design to the features, this contemporary clock is simple, accurate and beautiful. It’s perfect for a discreet location on your table, bookshelf or wall.

Prayer times

Because of the high quality components we use, precise prayer times can be calculated, which are shown on screen. These include special prayer-related alarms such as Emsak, Shurukh, Tahajud and Al-Goudwa. Daily religious sayings (Hadiths) are also shown on screen, in addition to the normal clock times and dates. You can, of course, set daily morning wake-up call or hourly alarms. And you can choose between several audios for your Athans and alarms. The built-in prayer and Shurukh times for major world cities make it easy for your first time set-up and simple to update if you’re taking it away on holiday with you.

Touch screen

The high resolution 7” touch screen with backlit TFT / LED screen is easy to use. There are three main touch keys for Home, Back, and Menu (with Power, Volume and Reset as hard buttons on the side and back).


Minimalistic and beautiful contemporary design with a large, backlit screen for easy viewing. The high quality components make this clock accurate and reliable. Plus, the advanced Android software makes this clock simple and easy to use.

Available in several languages

Change the language to suit your home country. Choose from English, Arabic & French.

Discount per Quantity

Quantity 5 -10
Price $30.00


  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Desktop or wall-mounted
  • User-friendly Android software
  • High-resolution backlit touch screen
  • Precise prayer times shown clearly on screen
  • Special prayer-related alarms (Emsak, Shurukh, Tahajud and Al-Goudwa)
  • Displays daily Hadiths (religious sayings)
  • Wake-up and hourly alarms
  • Choice of audio for Athan and alarms
  • Built-in prayer and Shurukh times for major world cities
  • Programmable daylight saving times
  • Synchronises the time automatically (when connected to a GPS receiver)
  • Normal clock times and dates, plus prayer and sunrise times
  • Multi-lingual: English, Arabic & French