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Belal clocks and apps are state of the art devices/applications developed from years of extensive research.

The integration of Awqaf Prayer and Shurukh times of major world cities and functionalities makes Belal clocks unique. An accurate formula is built-in to calculate accurately the Prayer and Shurukh times using geographical data (Longitude, Latitude, Height) of a location which can be configured to suit various calculation methods.

A unique selection of 655 authenticated Hadiths (Adages) with relevance to the Hijri calendar are integrated into the application and they are displayed sequentially on each day of the year

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  • Available for Android and iOS
  • GPS for accurate current location and precise time and date
  • Qiblah direction finder
  • Shows prayer times, with a countdown to the next prayer
  • Shows prayer information including prayer verses and adage of the day
  • Query prayer times for any day of the year
  • Calendar (Hijri & Gregorian calendar)
  • Set your own standard and optional prayer alerts
  • Normal clock times and dates
  • Multi-lingual: English, French, Arabic and Urdu
  • Special prayer-related alarms (Tahajud, Al Gowda, Emsak, & Shurukh)
  • Choose from different Athans
  • Mute function
  • Easy to download
  • Set-up Wizard helps you through first time use
  • Software updates available

About Us

We’ve combined beauty and tradition to create superbly innovative new products.

Mr. Abdalla Shebami, Director, Ipteq S.A ”

IPTEQ S.A. established in Switzerland in the year 2000

is a developer and manufacturer of wide range of innovative products comprising of precision electro-mechanical devices and mobile apps (iOS and Android) known by the brand name Belal®️ Prayer Time Clocks and Belal®️ apps respectively.

Named after the first Muslim bestowed with the honour of calling believers to prayer, the Belal prayer clocks and apps are intended to be a constant reminder to Muslims to accomplish their mandatory five daily enjoined prayers by indicating precise time of these prayers through proprietary audio and visual means.

In addition, Belal clocks do provide other prayer related functions, depending on the specific model and application.

Belal products are designed to have contemporary and traditional 'look and feel' with emphasis on enhanced User Experience (UX) and friendly User Interface (UI).

All Belal products confirms strictly to the precepts of Quran and Islam.

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We’re pleased you’re interested in our Belal prayer time clocks. Here, we’ll explain more about our religion, the history behind it and traditions associated with it. Let us tell you more about our Islamic faith.

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