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Ipteq’s New Website

Ipteq refreshes its online presence with new website and social media channels

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website to unveil the first products in our new range of prayer time clocks. This is an exciting time for us as we roll out our new, technologically-advanced and redesigned clocks.

With twenty years’ experience in the design and manufacture of quality and accurate prayer time clocks, we know just how important precision is. So we’re updating our range to bring you even better products, featuring brand new designs and features, including GPS functionality for even better accuracy. Our new range of innovative prayer time clocks offers consumers a unique way to bring prayer in to their lives.

Come back and take another look over the coming months as we roll out more new products and further website features. You’ll see additional models in the Classic and Modern ranges, we’ll be letting you know where you can buy the clocks and you’ll be able to access the website in Arabic too.

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Ipteq Releases Brand New Mobile Apps

Ipteq launches a series of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in design and functionality, we’re proud to be launching our prayer time clocks as smartphone and tablet apps. From summer 2012, you’ll be able to download them from Apple’s AppStore and Google play. Available for iOS and Android devices, you’ll always know exactly when to pray with GPS, which accurately finds your location and the direction of Qiblah. Other features will include prayer times, a countdown to the next prayer, prayer verses, adage of the day and several Athans to choose from. The apps are simple to use and will guarantee you’ll never miss a prayer.

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The New HIL1 Model

Ipteq’s HIL1 model will come to market in Q4 2012

For a taster of what we offer from our table-top clocks, take a look at our modern HIL 1 model, featuring our brand new touch-friendly interface. It’s the first clock in the new range of our Modern Models range, which will be launching later this year. This contemporary clock is simple, accurate and beautiful. It’s perfect for a discreet location on your table, bookshelf or wall.

We’ve taken inspiration from the history and culture of Islam to design the rest of our modern models, from a minaret tower to one reminiscent of an ancient brass astrolabe. We’ll show you more soon.

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IPTEQ presents Belal Prayer Clock Applications

IPTEQ presents the Belal Prayer Time Smartphones’ and tablets’ Applications to help Muslims to perform their daily prayers.

The applications (for both Android and IOS operating systems) indicate, with accuracy, times of the daily prayers and other prayer related obligations,  using a database containing actual prayer times obtained from Islamic Societies around the world.

The Belal applications are thought to be simple to use and as accurate as possible.Using the GPS integrated in the mobile devices, the application identifies the exact current location, so as to guarantee accuracy of the  prayer times and indicate the right direction to Qibla.Selected “Athan” are played to indicate the occurrence of Prayer Time and recitation of special verses from the Quran to indicate prayer related events. It is also possible to query prayer times for any day of the year.

Named after the first Muslim bestowed with the honour of calling believers to prayer, the Belal prayer time clocks is intended to be a constant reminder to Muslims to accomplish their mandatory five daily prayers by indicating the precise time of the prayers through proprietary audio and visual means.

Discover more about the Belal Application here

Key Features of Belal Application

  • Available for Android and iOS (iPad – iPhone)
  • Easy to use on backlit touch screens
  • Automatic synchronization with  device’s GPS to identify and display current location accurately along with precise time and date
  • Display of current location
  • Indicates Qiblah direction
  • Audio visual indication of prayer  times and  prayer-related alarms (Tahajud, Al Gowda, Emsak, & Shurukh)
  • Shows prayer times, with countdown to the next prayer
  • Query prayer times for any day of the year
  • Choice of famous Athans
  • Multi-Calendar (Hijri & Gregorian calendar)
  • Normal clock times and dates
  • Multi-lingual user interface: English, French, Arabic and Urdu
  • Set-up Wizard helps you through first time use,
  • Software updates available
  • Mute function

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IPTEQ presents the HIL1 Prayer Clock

This contemporary prayer clock is simple, accurate and beautiful. It’s perfect for a discreet location on your table, bookshelf or wall.

The Swiss Clock manufacturer, IPTEQ, will launch the HIL1 Prayer Clock on October 13th at the Hong Kong Electronic Show 2012.

The HIL 1 is a new concept of prayer clock developed to help Muslims perform their daily prayers without the need to consult prayer tables.

The combination of technology and intuitive user interface makes the HIL 1 an easy to use product for everybody.
IPTEQ has used its extensive clock making experience to calculate exact prayer times around the world by gathering this information from local religious societies. For locations not found in the official religious societies’ tables, incredibly precise prayer times are generated using specially developed formulas.

The clock includes a built-in compass which shows believers the direction of Mecca and, therefore, in which direction to pray.
While indicating prayers and other religious obligations, the HIL 1 also reproduces Athans and shows unique religious sayings (Hadiths) on screen.

From the design to the features, this contemporary clock is simple, accurate and beautiful – perfect for a discreet location on a table, bookshelf or wall.

Other features include special prayer-related alarms such as Emsak, Shurukh, Tahajud and Al-Goudwa as well as daily religious sayings (Hadiths), which are shown on screen. These are all in addition to normal clock times and dates and users can choose between several audios for Athans and alarms. The built-in prayer and Shurukh times for major world cities make it easy for your first time set-up and simple to update if you’re taking it with you while travelling. The high resolution 7” touch screen with backlit TFT / LED screen makes it bright and easy to read.

The HIL 1 is also available in 4 languages, Arabic, Urdu, French and English and the software can be easily updated.

Watch the product’s video on the Ipteq YouTube Channel

Main Features

  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Desktop or wall-mounted
  • Intuitive user interface
  • High-resolution backlit touch screen
  • Precise prayer times shown clearly on screen
  • Special prayer-related alarms (Emsak, Shurukh, Tahajud and Al-Goudwa)
  • Displays daily Hadiths (religious sayings)
  • Wake-up and hourly alarms
  • Choice of audio for Athan and alarms
  • Built-in prayer and Shurukh times for major world cities
  • Programmable daylight saving times
  • Synchronises the time automatically
  • Normal clock times and dates, plus prayer and sunrise times
  • Multi-lingual: English, Arabic, Urdu & French

IPTEQ S.A. Avenue du Casino 52, 1820 Montreux Switzerland
Tel +41 22 548 36 01 / Fax +41 22 594 84 26

The HIL1 Prayer Clock will launch on October 13th, 2012


IPTEQ has over 10 years’ experience in the Swiss clock-manufacturing industry.
The main goal of IPTEQ is to help Muslims perform their enjoined five-daily prayers and other religious obligations.
IPTEQ create precise, reliable, yet value-for-money prayer time clocks