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These elegant clocks are simple and traditional, yet have all the high-tech features you’d expect from us. Choose from two sizes, a discreet one for your bookshelf or a larger one for an entrance hall.

The Belal prayer clock is equipped with software and a satellite location system which enables it to calculate the time of daily prayers from anywhere in the world.

Its unique feature is the sound of a muezzin, or public crier, who summons the faithful to prayer in Islamic countries.

The clock, manufactured in canton Bern, aims to alert Muslims visually and by sound to the five daily prayer times in strict accordance with the rules of the Koran.

Belal, who was a companion of the Prophet Mohammed, was the sixth person to accept Islam and devote himself to Allah’s cause. He became the prophet’s muezzin and is said to have possessed a clear and resonant voice.




  • Prayer and Prayer-related alarms (Tahajud and Al-Goudwa).
  • Emsak Alarm.
  • Shurukh Alarm.
  • Display of distinct Hadiths (religious sayings) daily throughout the year.
  • Wakeup and Hourly alarms.
  • Choice of audio for Athan and alarms.
  • Built-in Prayer and Shurukh times for major world cities.
  • Usable at any location worldwide.
  • Time synchronization by satellite system.
  • Programmable daylight saving times.
  • High-resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display.
  • Remote and front panel operation.
  • Backup battery operation.
  • Dial illumination.
  • User friendly software with multi-lingual interface (Arabic, English and French).


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